April 6, 2024    
5:00 pm - 5:45 pm

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Moving is always stressful but luckily you were able to get this state of the art storage facility really cheap and you have the best friends in the world. You threw a party for your friends, packed everything in your house and labeled it for your new place, too bad that place isn’t available for a few weeks. However, your storage facility is really cool and so you and your friends move everything into your unit and are sharing one more high five until the door slams shut behind you…

Oh yeah, management said this may happen, all you have to do is put your code in to the keypad to open the door. The code, oh yes, it’s on your phone, your phone that is know where to be seen or found…uh oh. Then one of your friends steps forward and says, I think one of us threw your phone into one of the boxes, we thought it was your second phone, sorry.

Ok, no worries, this is simple right? Find the phone, punch the code, go home and celebrate a fun day, right?

What time does the facility close? The question rolls through your mind as you realize that if you do not enter the code before closing time, you will be stuck inside all night because codes will stop working, oh yeah and the lights go off. Heh, you laugh as you tell your friends the situation and laugh again as you realize that closing time is in 45 minute.