David O. Miller

Fantasy and Science Fiction illustrator David O. Miller has created art for many Role Playing game companies such as TSR, Wizards of the Coast, GDW, White Wolf, Steve Jackson Games, West End Games, North Wind Adventures and Dark City Games. His TSR illustrations include interior color and black & white illustrations for the Revised Second Edition AD&D Player’s Handbook and Dungeon Master Guide, Castle Sites, City Sites, Spells & Magic, color covers and interior black & white illustrations for Spelljammer, Dark Sun, Mystara, and various Dungeon Magazine and Dragon Magazine covers and interiors. David was introduced to role playing games in 1977 while at college, first playing D&D before switching over to Runequest and other Chaosium games. After graduation, David started attending GenCon where he landed contract work as a freelance fantasy and sci-fi artist.

Currently, David operates his own graphic design/illustration studio in Long Island, NY where he still produces fantasy and sci-fi art for many independent game companies. An avid DM that plays a huge variety of games David’s specialty is running fairly intense and immersive Call of Cthulhu games, something he has done since he first started playing the game back in 1981.